Scientific Themes

The goals of ISCEAH are a level of substantial activity and a broad membership ready to share experiences and contribute to the development of better practice and methods for the protection and conservation of the world’s earthen architectural, archaeological and cultural landscape heritage. The objectives of the scientific program of ISCEAH are focused on the following broad themes:

  1. conserving and studying the standing, and perhaps in use, architectural heritage;
  2. conserving and studying the earthen archaeological environment;
  3. cooperating in the process of understanding the historic/traditional techniques of earthen structures through research into materiality, including its impact on new earthen construction;
  4. researching the contribution of earthen architectural heritage to cultural landscapes and its relation to the intangible heritage and living traditions; and
  5. researching ancient/historic a-seismic techniques and using these in addition to current research to inform retrofitting of existing structures and appropriate new construction.

All members of ISCEAH are signatories of the ICOMOS ethical commitment statement and are resolved to the sharing and transparent dissemination of knowledge and technical methodologies in the field of earthen architectural and archaeological studies and practice.